2Cellos Takes on “Thunderstruck”: A Classic Reimagined

When 2Cellos decided to cover AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” they turned the rock world upside down. Using only two cellos, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, the duo from Croatia, brought a fresh and thrilling energy to a rock anthem. Their version is both surprising and electrifying.

The video starts in a setting that looks like a classical music concert from the past. But soon, the energy changes. From the first note, you know this is no ordinary classical performance. The cellos start gently, then quickly pick up speed. They play so fast and with such power that it’s hard to believe your ears.

A New Spin on a Rock Classic

2Cellos’ version of “Thunderstruck” is not just a cover, it’s a complete transformation. They keep the core of the original song—its intensity and its catchy tune—but make it entirely their own with just two cellos. The way they play, you can almost hear the guitars and drums of the original, even though they are not there.

Their performance is a blend of classical skill and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. It’s a show of speed, precision, and sheer passion. They don’t just play the music; they perform it with their whole bodies, swaying, rocking, and attacking each note as if it’s the most important one.

This cover has amazed fans around the world, from those who love classical music to die-hard rock fans. It shows that music knows no boundaries and that instruments like the cello can rock just as hard as electric guitars.

Turn up “Thunderstruck” by 2Cellos and let yourself be swept away by their energy and innovation. It’s a powerful reminder of how timeless music can be transformed in the most unexpected ways. Whether you’re a fan of AC/DC, classical music, or both, this performance is sure to impress.

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