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Author: RobMFox

"Highway to Hell": A Milestone on the Hard Rock Route with AC/DC Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s buckle up and hit the loud pedal as we ride down the electrifying hard rock road to AC/DC's classic album "Highway to Hell". Origins of the...

Van Halen The brothers Alex and Eddie van Halen, who were born in Amsterdam, moved to the town of Pasadena in California at a young age and set up a rock band there. David Lee Roth, from whom they previously rent the sound equipment, becomes...

Queen Queen was formed in 1971 in London. From the beginning, it was composed of Freddie Mercury (vocals and piano), John Deacon (bass guitar and keyboards), Roger Taylor (drums, keyboards, and vocals), and Brian May (guitar, keyboards, and vocals). Two years later, the band signed...

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