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Boston – Don’t Look Back



The group was founded in Boston in 1971 and was founded by its longtime leader, guitarist, pianist and sound engineer, a graduate of the well-known Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Tom Scholz. Scholz, working for Polaroid, built his own way a 12-track recording studio, which he installed in the basement of his house. In this studio, along with four colleagues, guitarist Barry Goudreau, vocalist Brad Delp, bassist Fran Sheehan and drummer John “Sib” Hashianen, he recorded demonstration tapes that were sent to record companies. They were positively received by Epic, after which five musicians, as a group Boston, signed a record deal in 1975. The demo tapes were made with such precision, and the production of them was so perfect that only with minimal processing they were released as the group’s debut album – Boston. The album was very well received, becoming the best-selling rock debut in history. The album included classics such as “More Than A Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Smokin” and “Foreplay / Long Time”. As the leader of the group divided his time between making music and doing business (he is a producer of studio recording equipment), the group recorded sporadically, having only five albums to their credit.

Studio albums

1976: Boston
1978: Don’t Look Back
1986: Third Stage
1994: Walk On
2002: Corporate America
2013: Life, Love & Hope

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