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Megadeth is an American metal band founded in 1983 by Dave Mustaine - former guitarist of the Metallica group and bassist Dave Ellefson. Megadeth's debut album was released in 1985. It contained the song "The Mechanix", which under the name "The Four Horsemen" Metallica published...


UFO – Doctor Doctor

In Rock Guitarists
On January 7, 2020
UFO - British rock band, founded in 1969. It has been on the stage for almost 40 years, and although it achieved the greatest successes in the mid-1970s, today it is considered one of the classics of the genre called hard rock. UFOs have had...

George Harrison was born in February 1943 in Liverpool. He was the youngest member of the Beatles and therefore decided that his place in the band is rather in the background. In many ways, this role suited his personality. The opinion of "silent Beatles" clung...

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