Deep Purple – Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Steve Morse – the legendary guitarist never fails to score super high in top musician’s polls.

Little Steve started off with clarinet and piano, only to fall madly in love with guitar after watching Juan Marcadal’s concert. Later is in his career, Morse confessed that he didn’t like the sound of the clarinet, and it took him a lot of work to get the tone he wanted. Even though he gained popularity as the Deep Purple’s lead guitarist, he does admit that, as a young boy, he was inspired to start playing because of the great Beatles.

The guitar classes were expensive, so he ended up mowing lawns to pay for the lessons, a decision that would later propel his career in ways he never thought possible. His first band was called the Dixie Drags, where he played together with his brother.

You might think he took a shortcut to fame and fortune, but the reality is that he made fourteen albums with the band. He was determined to play the music he likes, and make a decent living, never even thinking about joining the popular bands for the sake of money and fame.

Morse made six studio albums with Deep Purple, and he holds the twenty-five-year record, which is the longest case of a guitar player staying with the band. It wasn’t easy for Morse to fit in after Joe and Richie had already left. The band welcomed their third American, and it turned out to be the real thing this time.

Not many people know that Steve has a handicapped daughter that he spends a lot of time with. When he is not rocking on the stage, he enjoys spending time in his modest house, flying, or running a hay farm. If you ask him what is his secret, he will tell you that, no matter what, you should always stay patient, polite and respectful.

Love this song. The guitar solo is fabulous.

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