Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Led Zeppelin

British rock group was founded in 1968. It included Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals), John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), and John Bonham (drums). Thanks to the guitar sound, she is referred to as one of the first heavy metal bands, although her style is difficult to qualify for only one genre; in their work, you can hear inspirations drawn from blues, folk, Celtic, Indian and Arabic music, through reggae, soul, funk and classical music, as well as from country. The characteristic voice of the singer is considered by many to be the best in rock history.

The group first met in a room adjacent to a recording studio on Gerrard Street, London. Musicians very quickly found a common language and they got along very well. Soon after, they played their first composition “Jim’s Blues”. Between August and September 1968, the first few songs with a strong blues undertone were written, with which they never broke up until the end. They were completing a Scandinavian tour as The New Yardbirds. It was clear, however, that the time was inevitably drawing near to appearing under a name of its own, rather than borrowed from a formation that no longer existed. The history of the creation of a new name – Led Zeppelin, has become legendary. It is attributed to Keith Moon, who was supposed to say after one of the concerts that the music “floated like a lead airship” or “lead Zeppelin”. Following the suggestions of manager Peter Grant, the first part of “lead” was changed to “leed”, and finally read as “led”. The case ended up in court, due to the rights of the constructor’s family to the name of the ship – the lawsuit of Ferdinand von Zeppelin’s heirs was dismissed and the musicians could remain with the chosen name. In November 1968, the band signed a huge contract for those times with Atlantic Records, worth 200,000 pounds.

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