Mark Knopfler – Telegraph Road

Mark Knopfler – British singer, composer and main guitarist of the rock band Dire Straits. After the breakup of the group – he began his solo career. He occasionally played in various bands and created film music. Despite left-handedness – he plays the right-handed guitar.

He was born in 1949 in Scottish Glasgow. From an early age, he was influenced by his uncle Kingsley, who played the harmonica and piano.

He learned to play the guitar as a teenager. After graduating from university he works several years as a journalist. He played in different bands at the time, such as Silver Heels or Café Racers, and the second of them was soon joined by Mark’s brother David, along with his roommate John Illsley, who soon replaced the electric guitar with a bass guitar. Group change name to Dire Straits.

They recorded their first demo in 1977. Most of the songs recorded at that time went on their debut album. The lyrics mainly written by Marek were based on his personal experience. The album, thanks to the hit single promoting the album “Sultans from Swing”, sold well in Europe, the USA and Canada.

The next album of the group – “Communiqué”, released a year after the debut, in France immediately hit the 1st place in the sales list, while “Dire Straits” was still in the 3rd position. After releasing the third album “Making Movies” in the band there were changes. Mark became more and more clearly the group leader.

What an awesome slow version of Telegraph Road… just wow

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