Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction

Megadeth is an American metal band founded in 1983 by Dave Mustaine – former guitarist of the Metallica group and bassist Dave Ellefson.

Megadeth’s debut album was released in 1985. It contained the song “The Mechanix”, which under the name “The Four Horsemen” Metallica published on her debut album “Kill’em All”. Mustaine was its co-author with Hetfield and Ulrich. Although the styles of the two bands differed significantly, they were often compared to each other, and the competition between the two giants of the genre is somewhat noticeable to this day.

The album “Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying?” was the first major success of Megadeth and today is described as one of those that significantly influenced the history and development of heavy metal. Already then the group began to be included among the leading performers of the genre known as thrash metal. The 90s brought further triumphs – the albums “Rust in Peace” and “Countdown to Extinction” are an absolute classic today. The next albums brought a softening of the sound known from previous achievements, which can be heard perfectly on the 1994 album “Youthanasia”, as well as on “Cryptic Writings” (1997) or “Risk” (1999).

Megadeth has sold over 20 million records worldwide; 6 consecutive albums obtained the status of platinum discs. Seven times in a row, the group was nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Best Metal Performance” category. During the 25-year career, 19 musicians have played in Megadeth so far. The only member from the beginning of the group’s existence is Dave Mustaine – the founder, main composer and driving force of the band.

One of the most iconic riffs of all time.
It’s not a complicated riff, but hear it ONCE and you’ll never forget it – that’s the genius of it.

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