Mötley Crüe – Home Sweet Home

Mötley Crüe - Home Sweet Home

Mötley Crüe

American hard rock and glam metal group, founded in 1981 on the initiative of guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee. One of the most famous and controversial rock bands in the world, with multi-platinum albums and millions of fans on all continents.
The creator and leader of the band is bass player Nikki Sixx (born Frank Carlton Serafino Ferranno), who, after leaving the London group in the early 1980s, invited drummer Tommy Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass), guitarist Greg Leon, replaced fairly quickly by Mick Mars (born Robert Alan Deal) and vocalist Vince Neil (born Vincent Neil Wharton). The name Mötley Crüe is the responsibility of Mick Mars, who used the term “a motley looking crew” suggested by one of his colleagues. The band’s name was supplemented with a heavy metal umlaut over the letters “o” and “u”.
The band’s debut release was the single “Stick to Your Guns / Toast of the Town”. In December 1981, the debut album entitled “Too Fast For Love” was released, produced at its own expense. The album sold 20,000 copies. In the spring of 1982, the band signed a record contract with Electra Records and, under the banner of the new label, on August 20, 1982, the re-edition of “Too Fast …” was released. During the promotional tour “Crüesing Through Canada Tour ’82”, the entertaining nature of the musicians Mötley Crüe made itself known – numerous incidents and conflicts with the law resulted in the band being taken to local arrests and police records several times.

After performing at the US Festival, with the support of the growing strength MTV, the group immediately became recognizable on the American market. Thanks to his distinctive image (high-heeled shoes, peculiar costumes and make-up), a passion for stimulants and groupies, as well as music that was exceptionally well received by the public, Mötley Crüe achieved spectacular commercial successes. The albums “Shout at the Devil” (1983), “Theater of Pain” (1985) and “Girls, Girls, Girls” (1987), achieved the status of quadruple platinum.

In 1987, Nikki Sixx almost died from a heroin overdose. Doctors managed to save his life in an almost hopeless situation, and the clinical death of the band’s leader was the inspiration for the song “Kickstart My Heart”. The recording was included on the album “Dr. Feelgood ”and reached 16th place on the Mainstream U.S. greyhound. The album itself, released in September 1989, reached the top of the Billboard 200 in the US, staying on it for 109 weeks and selling over 6 million copies (6x multiplatinum). The musicians recorded their best album so far after having undergone drug addiction treatments.

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