Mr. Big – Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy

Mr. Big is a hard-rock band founded in 1988 inspired by bass guitar master Billy Sheehan, nicknamed Eddie Van Halen bass. Sheehan started the band right after he left the group accompanying David Lee Roth.

The new group also included former Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert, drummer Pat Torpey and vocalist Eric Martin. In 1989 the band signed a contract with the Atlantic label and in the same year, they released their debut album entitled “Mr. Big”. Unfortunately, the album did not achieve significant success.

The breakthrough in the group’s career came with the release of their second album “Lean Into It” (1991). This album includes the group’s biggest hit, the song “Be With You” and another hit – “Just Take My Heart”.

Despite the release of further albums (“Bump Ahead” and “Hey Man”) Mr. Big did not achieve commercial success in his homeland. However, it enjoyed great popularity in Japan.

Paul Gilbert and Bill Sheehan playing the guitar and bass with power tools (2:20) [Electric Drill Song]

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