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Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone


Rainbow – a rock group founded in 1975 by guitarist Deep Purple Ritchie Blackmore. Initially, the band played quite sharp hard rock songs with elements of the classics. After the departure of Ronnie James Dio, the group went towards the more gentle and melodic rock.

At first, the band was made up of Ritchie Blackmore playing the guitar, Ronnie James Dio the vocalist, Mickey Lee Soule on keyboards, Craig Gruber on bass and Gary Driscoll on drums.

After leaving Roni’s band, Graham Bonnet was the new singer for some time. That’s what we can see and hear in this music video.

Ritchie Blackmore in 2016 reactivated the formation of Rainbow in a completely changed composition and under a new name – Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

Next to the guitarist, the new line-up includes vocalist Ronnie Romero, drummer David Keith (Blackmore’s Night), bassist Bob Nouveau, keyboardist Jens Johanssen (Stratovarius) and supporting vocalists – Candice Night and Lady Lynn.

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