Rory Gallagher – Cradle Rock

Rory Gallagher’s discography is eleven solo albums plus two recorded with the group Taste, in which the guitarist began his career at the age of 18.

His debut album, signed with the name of the guitarist, at the time of release in 1971 made a sensation throughout Europe. It is one of the rock masterpieces of the first half of the 70s. Album contains brilliant, extremely dynamic, thrilling rock blues songs referring to the composition of Taste.

Although the album received excellent reviews, and its sale exceeded all expectations, the guitarist was not entirely satisfied with the final result. Rory claiming that he devoted too much attention to perfecting songs in the studio. Preparing to work on the second album Gallagher decided that this time he wants to record the album in a more spontaneous way than the debut, which would have much of the atmosphere of his concerts.

He organized recording sessions just before the concerts, or – more often – right after them in the middle of the night, when there was still energy in it that he recharged on stage. And it feels on his second album “Duce”.

The concert album “Irish Tour” released in 1974 is a recording that best reflects Gallagher’s musical talent. As in a nutshell, it brings together all of its most spectacular guitar achievements.

“Irish Tour” is definitely one of the best “concerts” in the history of rock. It was created in the most dangerous period for Ireland – during the armed conflict between local Protestants and Catholics. Ulster, Belfast was the city where nobody wanted to give concerts.

Jimi Hendrix, once asked how it feels to be the guitarist of all time, replied: “I don’t know. Ask Gallagher about it!” In Dublin alone, Rory Gallagher has more monuments than any king or prince in all of Europe.

Rory on fire! These kids were so starved for Rock N Roll and Rory gave it to them.

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