Rush – Limelight

Rush - Limelight


The Rush Group was founded in 1968 in Toronto. In the beginning, it consists of guitarist Alex Lifeson, vocalist and bassist Geddy Lee and drummer John Rutsey. Cream’s work inspired the musicians of Rush.

Their debut single is a new version of the song “Not Fade Away” previously sung by Buddy Holly. In 1974, we could listen to the band’s first album, titled “Rush.” Immediately afterward, he left Rutsey and was replaced by Neil Peart.

A year later, the band recorded two albums – “Fly By Night” and “Caress of Steel,” followed by the release of “2112”. This concept album very quickly gained the status of a platinum album and favorable opinions of crowds of fans.

In 1977 we could listen to the album “A Farewell to Kings,” and a year later, “Hemispheres” was released. Next, in 1980, Rush released “Permanent Waves,” from which came the hit “The Spirit of Radio.”

In 1981 was the album “Moving Pictures” with another portion of hits. Here was the song “Tom Sawyer” – probably the band’s most famous recording. Over the next years, Rush released more albums, including “Signals,” “Grace Dunder Pressure” and “Power Windows,” which are sold millions of copies.

The beginning of the next decade was a return to the heavy sound that could be heard on the albums “Roll the Bones” or “Counterparts.” In 1996 the band released the album “Test for Echo” and went on tour. Then Lee decided to check out solo and released the album “My Favorite Headache.”

The seventeenth album in the Rush discography is “Vapor Trails” from 2002. Two years later, the band went on tour and then started working on their next album. Thanks to this, in May 2007, “Snakes & Arrows” was released.

When I listen to this song, I make sure that my neighbors also listen to it.

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