Steve Vai – For The Love Of God

Born on the 6th of June 1960, Steven Siro Vai is a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. During his career, Steve Vai has earnt himself three Grammy Awards and fifteen nominees in these fields.

His musical path started when he was twelve when he was receiving guitar lessons from another tremendous guitarist, Joe Satriani. At the age of eighteen, Steve Vai was a transcriptionist for Frank Zappa, which later became his band from 1980 to 1983. To date, since leaving Zappa’s band in 1983 and becoming a solo artist, Vai has released sixteen solo albums and has toured with several large groups such as Alcatrazz, Whitesnake, and David Lee Roth.

Steve Vai developed and has used a wide range of instruments during his three-decade career. However, he is not using the Ibanez JEM guitar, which he designed back in 1985 with unique features such as a monkey grip and floating tremolo, which was unheard of for professional guitar players back in those days. Vai has also designed a few guitars directly for Ibanez, including “The Universe,” which was the first commercial 7-string electric guitar, putting both himself and Ibanez forward in the music industry.

One of Vai’s most famous songs is “For the Love of God,” which was released back in 1990 in the Rock category, like most of Vai’s music. This song has been nominated for the Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance and was part of the Passion and Warefare album. Several other popular songs that Vai’s released are “Tender Surrender” (1995), “Whispering a Prayer” (2001), and “Lotus Feet” (2005), which were all great successes.

Along with this, Steve Vai has also been on a path to help others that may not have access to the funds for musical equipment. Set up with fellow friend Ruta Sepetys, the “Make a Noise Foundation” provides musical instruments and education to musicians that may not be able to afford such equipment or tuition.

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