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If you love classic rock guitar music this place is for you.


U2 "Sweetest Thing": A Symphony of Love, Apology, and Success Imagine this: you're Bono, the frontman of the world-renowned band, U2. In the midst of your hectic touring schedule, you forget your wife's birthday. What do you do to make it up to her? Naturally,...
U2 No one will deny that U2 has established itself as one of the supreme bands in rock history. What's more, for two decades of the group's existence, no musician left U2, and no new one joined. According to the tradition of the 80s, young...
The Musical Journey of U2: A Story of Passion, Purpose and Persistence U2, one of the most iconic bands of all time, has been entertaining audiences and making music for over four decades. But what is it that sets U2 apart from other bands and...
U2 "Pride": A Song of Hope and Inspiration Released in 1984, "Pride (In the Name of Love)" is one of U2 most beloved and enduring songs. Written in tribute to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., the song is a powerful anthem of hope...
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