Ten Years After – I`m Going Home

Ten Years After

Ten Years After was a British rock band active from the 1960s to the 1970s. They are best known for their blues-infused hard rock sound and the impressive guitar work of frontman Alvin Lee. The band gained widespread fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s, performing at major music festivals such as Woodstock and releasing successful albums such as “Cricklewood Green.” They are considered a pioneering force in the development of blues rock and hard rock music.

Early years

Ten Years After was formed in Nottingham, England in 1966 by singer and guitarist Alvin Lee, bassist Leo Lyons, drummer Ric Lee, and rhythm guitarist Chick Churchill. The band members were all seasoned musicians, with Alvin Lee and Leo Lyons having played together in various blues and R&B groups before forming Ten Years After. The band quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live performances and soon began touring internationally, playing at clubs and festivals around the UK and Europe. In the early years of their career, Ten Years After released several singles and a self-titled debut album, but it was not until the release of their hit single “I’m Going Home” in 1969 that they achieved widespread success.

Breakthrough success with Alvin Lee

In 1969, Ten Years After released the single “I’m Going Home,” which became a hit and helped propel the band to international fame. The same year, they also performed at the legendary Woodstock Festival, where they were one of the standout acts and gained a large new following. Later in the year, they released their third album, “Cricklewood Green,” which was a commercial success and established Ten Years After as one of the leading bands in the emerging blues rock and hard rock genres. The album spawned several hit singles, including “Love Like a Man” and “Hear Me Calling,” and solidified Alvin Lee’s reputation as a guitar virtuoso.
Following the success of “Cricklewood Green,” Ten Years After continued to tour and release new music throughout the 1970s. They released several more albums, including “Watt” (1970) and “A Space in Time” (1971), which both achieved commercial success and spawned hit singles. The band also toured extensively, performing at major venues and festivals around the world. Despite lineup changes and the departure of Alvin Lee in 1973, Ten Years After remained a popular live act throughout the 1970s and continued to release new music until their disbandment in 1976.

Legacy of Ten Years After and Alvin Lee

Ten Years After’s influence on the rock music scene extends beyond their active years as a band. Their blues-infused hard rock sound and Alvin Lee’s virtuosic guitar playing were ahead of their time and helped pave the way for later blues rock and hard rock bands. The band’s music has been widely covered by other artists and their albums continue to be popular among rock music fans. Ten Years After and Alvin Lee’s place in rock history was cemented by their iconic performance at the Woodstock Festival and their enduringly popular albums. Despite the band’s disbandment in the 1970s, their music continues to be enjoyed by fans and celebrated as a classic example of the power of rock and roll.

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