The Who – My Generation

The Who is a rock formation formed in 1964. Her first squad is Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The Who are considered one of the best bands of all time – their work inspired many later groups.

The beginnings of the band are the duo The Confederates founded by Towshend and Entwistle. The latter was noticed by Roger Daltrey and invited to his project called The Detours. Entwistle agreed and brought Towshend with him. They created The Detours from American blues and country music, and in 1964 they changed their name to The Who. Then Keith Moon joined them.

In the same year the gentlemen became The High Numbers for a while and released the single “Zoot Suit / I’m The Face” under this name. However, after the song was unsuccessful, the musicians dismissed the manager and returned to the name The Who. One of the “ritual” activities during the group’s concerts was smashing the instruments. He initiated it in September 1964 by Pete Townshend, smashing his guitar.

The Who’s first single, which also became their first hit, is “I Can’t Explain.” The song was in the top ten in the UK. We could listen to the debut album of the formation entitled “My Generation” in 1965. It features such hits as the title “My Generation” and “The Kids Are Alright”. 1966 is another hit of The Who – “Substitute” and “I’m A Boy”, and a year later the band recorded “Happy Jack” and “Pictures Of Lilly”.

Gibson SG with P90s. The sound of My Generation.

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