U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

No one will deny that U2 has established itself as one of the supreme bands in rock history. What’s more, for two decades of the group’s existence, no musician left U2, and no new one joined.

According to the tradition of the 80s, young Irishmen became a band before they could play. U2, strongly influenced by punk ideology, opposed the empty visions of dark new wave groups by going out to the audience with youthful energy. Their first release – “U23” – from 1979, which was released only in Ireland, was supported by a self-organized route. Despite the lack of a proposal for a large record contract, after several concerts in London, the tour ended with an event for two thousand fans in Dublin.

The first three albums – “Boy” (1980), “October” (1981) and “War” (1983) – defined the style of the group. They were soon recognized as the most politically engaged band since The Clash. At a concert in Belfast, before the first performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, Bono announced: “If you don’t like it, let us know …”

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