UFO – Doctor Doctor

UFO – British rock band, founded in 1969. It has been on the stage for almost 40 years, and although it achieved the greatest successes in the mid-1970s, today it is considered one of the classics of the genre called hard rock.

UFOs have had a huge impact on the shape of the hard rock scene and New Wave of British Heavy Metal, especially in the 1980s. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield (Metallica), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam).

The UFO group has been active on the music scene from 1969 to today, with a break in 1985-1992. The band’s discography includes 19 studio albums, the style of which includes music genres such as blues, rock and hard rock. Among them deserves special attention “Phenomenon” – the first album with Michael Schenker, probably the most important in the group’s achievements and one of the classics of hard rock music. There are timeless recordings of “Doctor, Doctor” and “Rock Bottom” on it. In turn, the concert album “Strangers In The Night” from 1979 was announced one of the best concert albums of all time, along with other productions from the 70s – “Live and Dangerous” by Thin Lizzy or “Alive” Kiss.

The group performed such well-known musicians as: Michael Schenker (Scorpions, G3, Michael Schenker Group), Bernie Marsden (including Whitesnake), Simon Wright (AC / DC, Dio) Aynsley Dunbar (including Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Whitesnake, Journey) and Jason Bonham.

Oh yes, the good old Rock’n Roll. 🙂

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