Wishbone Ash – Blowin’ Free

Wishbone Ash are one of the most popular British hard rock formations of the 70s. The band was formed in 1966 as Empty Vessels. It included Glen Turner, Steve Upton and Martin Turner.

Then the trio – which then changed its name to Tanglewood – came to London. There, Miles Copeland, who became the manager of the band, became interested in them. Immediately after, Glen Turner was replaced by David Alan “Ted” Turner and Andy Powell and they created the first lineup of the Wishbone Ash group.

The band enjoyed a very good reputation in the music community, thanks to which they had the chance to open Deep Purple performances and then sign a contract with the American label Decca. There they released their debut album titled simply “Wishbone Ash”, followed by “Pilgrimage” and “Argus” – each showing the band’s increasing possibilities.

The status of the formation was also confirmed by another album – “Wishbone Four” from 1973.

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