Bon Jovi – Born To Be My Baby

Bon Jovi

The Bon Jovi band was formed in New Jersey in 1983. It was then that John Bongiovi became a messenger at the Powerstation studio in New York. In his spare time, he created his own music. At the strangest times, he used an empty studio to record his songs. He sent the demo tapes unsuccessfully to radio stations in New York and Los Angeles.
One of the songs recorded at the time was “Runaway”. It is this song that DJ Chip Hobart from WAPP radio put on a compilation – a compilation of recordings of local artists without a record deal.
John had no contract, but the song took a life of its own. WAPP organized several concerts, but there was a problem – there was no band. Then the singer took some friends and a group was formed that began to play under the name John Bongiovi and The Wild Ones. When John signed off with Mercury Records in 1983, the line-up of the band was already established: John Bongiovi, David Bryan, Tico Torres, Alec John Such and Richie Sambora. John removed the “h” from his first name and resumed his surname. The band Bon Jovi was born.

The first album of the band “Bon Jovi” was released in 1984. The album sold 1.5 million copies. In Japan itself, it was sold out within three days. After such a debut, the group quickly released their second album “7800 Degrees Fahrenheit”. Unfortunately, the album met with critical reviews. After the 6-month tour, the members of the band decided to prove to everyone who criticized them how wrong they were, so they started working on the third album.
And they succeeded, in 1986 they released one of the best albums of the 80s – “Slippery When Wet”. The first single “You Give Love A Bad Name” immediately became a hit and hit the 1st place on the charts, as did “Livin ‘On A Prayer”. The third track – “Wanted Dead Or Alive” did not achieve such success, but became the band’s most recognized song. The album has a circulation of 15 million copies.

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