Golden Earring

Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961. The band gained international fame with their hits such as “Radar Love” and “Twilight Zone” in the 1970s.

Golden Earring started out as a blues band, but over the years they evolved their musical style, developing into progressive rock. In the 1960s the band gained popularity in the Netherlands, and by the mid-1970s they were performing across Europe and the United States.

Their hit “Radar Love” from 1973 became a worldwide hit, and the song “Twilight Zone” from 1982 also gained popularity in the United States.

Golden Earring continues to tour and record music to this day, both with the classic lineup and with various guest musicians. They are considered to be one of the most important and longest-lasting rock bands in Europe.

Golden Earring is a unique combination of musical talents, their music blends progressive rock, blues, and hard rock, as well as the band’s distinctive guitar sound. It is a band that certainly deserves attention from any rock music lover.

Guitarists of Golden Earring

The guitarists of Golden Earring, George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen, have played an important role in the band’s sound and success.

Kooymans is the band’s lead vocalist and primary songwriter, and is known for his bluesy, raw guitar sound and his dynamic stage presence. He has been with the band since its inception in 1961 and is considered one of the most influential guitarists in Dutch rock music.

Gerritsen, who is the band’s bassist, is also a accomplished guitarist, known for his intricate, melodic playing and his ability to switch between lead and rhythm guitar roles. He joined the band in 1970 and has been an integral part of the band’s sound ever since.

Together, Kooymans and Gerritsen’s guitar work is a defining feature of Golden Earring’s music, with their interweaving guitar parts and harmonies adding depth and complexity to the band’s sound. They have also been known to experiment with unconventional techniques such as playing guitar with violin bows, and using various effect pedals which makes their sound distinctive.

Both of the guitarists have also recorded and released solo albums over the years, further showcasing their individual talents and versatility as musicians.

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