Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden was founded in London in 1976 by bassist Steve Harris. The current line-up includes Dave Murray, Nicko McBrain, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. Iron Maiden is one of the most important, influential and most successful heavy metal bands in history. To date, they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.
Iron Maiden’s music is inspired by the achievements of Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and UFOs, but the band has developed their own style over the years. The name of the group comes from a 17th-century torture device. From the first incarnation of the group to this day, only founder Steve Harris and guitarist Dave Murray remain in the line-up.
The first years of the band’s activity did not bring any recorded recordings, only after a few years the first demo was created. A real debut took place in 1980, when the first album simply called “Iron Maiden” was released. The album gained great reception, thanks to songs such as “Prowler” and “Running Free”, and the band became one of the leaders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. In retrospect, the album is rated as one of the most important debuts in the history of heavy playing. She skillfully combined the power of metal and punk riffs, being for years an inspiration for the next generations of bands.

A year later, another album was released – the album “Killers”. It consolidated the strong position of the band, and also brought the group’s first success on the American market. It was a breakthrough time for the band that parted ways with singer Paul Di’Anno addicted to cocaine. Iron Maiden were becoming more and more successful, so he decided to hire Bruce Dickinson in his place. This move turned out to be a bull’s eye. Dickinson’s voice has become a hallmark of Iron Maiden’s style, and the first album with the new singer entitled “The Number of the Beast” is called “a metal masterpiece”. The album maintains an even, high level, but it is worth mentioning the classics, such as the title track or “Run to the Hills”.

At the end of 1982, a new drummer, Nicko McBrain, appeared in the band, shortly afterwards in 1983 one of the group’s most popular albums was released: “Piece of Mind” with the hit “The Trooper”, and a year later the album “Powerslave” with the single “2 Minutes to Midnight “. The “World Slavery Tour” promoting the release was one of the longest and most intense tours in rock history. The band performed 193 times in 13 months. The tour resulted in “Live After Death”, one of the most famous concert albums in the world.

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