King Crimson – Starless

King Crimson is a band that is considered to be the greatest progressive rock legend for a reason. No other group has undergone so many metamorphoses, changes in team composition, solutions and reincarnation. However, King Crimson’s music has always kept an excellent level.

The creator of the group’s power is considered to be the brilliant guitarist Robert Fripp, who was the only one to survive all changes and play in the band from the very beginning, that is since 1969. Then the first King Crimson album entitled “In The Court Of The Crimson King” was released. Many fans and journalists believe that this album is a “perfect work”.

The next album was “In The Wake Of Poseidon” (1970), often treated as a supplement to the debut. The third long-play – “Lizard” was recorded without vocalist Greg Lake (better known from the trio Emerson Lake & Palmer). Gordon Haskell came in to replace him, and Jon Anderson (frontman of the Yes group) guest-starred in the title track.

In 1974, King Crimson ceased to exist and was reborn in 1980. Robert Fripp hired a second guitarist – Adrian Belew, who was also a vocalist, flexible enough to suit the band’s specific music. The composition was completed by Tony Levin (bassist) and Bill Bruford (drummer), who played with King Crimson in the 70s. Their joint work was the album “Discipline” from 1980, which negatively surprised fans – many treated him as a betrayal of art-rock ideals. Two years later the album “Beat” was released, and the last work of the formation from the 80s was the album “Three Of A Perfect Pair” (1984).

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