Rainbow – I Surrender


Ah, yes, Rainbow. They represent the heart of a golden era, a time when the music wasn’t merely background noise but an immersive experience that took you on a journey. It was a time when artists like Rainbow weren’t merely creating tracks but crafting masterpieces.

Born from the brilliant mind of Deep Purple’s guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, Rainbow was a trailblazer in the rock music world of the ’70s and ’80s. Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, or Blackmore’s Rainbow as we sometimes called them, was a band that wasn’t afraid to mix the raw energy of rock with the mystical allure of medieval and classical influences, making them stand out in a crowded genre.

In 1981, they released the album ‘Difficult to Cure’, which was a true testament to their creativity and artistic depth. The tracklist was littered with gems, but one that shone the brightest was the song “I Surrender”. Unlike some of their previous tracks, this song had an overtly commercial appeal, showcasing the versatility of Rainbow.

“I Surrender” was a departure from their traditional sound, yet it managed to retain the soul and essence of Rainbow. Composed by Russ Ballard, the track had the perfect blend of powerful guitar riffs, strong vocals, and infectious rhythm, topped off with Blackmore’s impressive solo – all the elements that made Rainbow a cherished name in rock music.

The lyrics spoke to the heart, touching on the theme of love and surrendering to its all-encompassing power, something every baby boomer could resonate with. Coupled with Joe Lynn Turner’s passionate delivery, the song became an anthem for many of our generation, a melody that still rings true in our hearts.

In an age where music is often reduced to a disposable commodity, it’s refreshing to look back on the days when every chord struck a note in our souls, and every lyric spoke volumes. The Rainbow was not just a band; they were a beacon of creativity and expression. “I Surrender” wasn’t just a song; it was a confession of love and an admission of vulnerability.

Rainbow’s music, especially tracks like “I Surrender”, reminds us of the power and significance of music, taking us back to simpler times when the music was more than just a playlist filler. It was the soundtrack of our lives.

Long live Rainbow, and long live rock!

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