The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored

A British band from the alternative rock group, founded in 1984 in Manchester, considered by the critics (contrary to the opinions of the band members) to the Madchester trend, operating in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They had a great impact on the later Britpop scene – including Oasis. Its classical composition was composed of four members: Ian Brown – vocals, John Squire – guitar and vocals, Mani (Gary Mounfield) – bass and Reni (Alan Wren) – drums and vocals.

The beginning of the group’s formation is The Patrol, founded in 1980 by Ian Brown and John Squire, together with Andy Couzens and Simon Wolsencroft. Soon Brown left the group and began to sing at the Salford nightclub. Squire formed a new band, The Waterfront with singer Kaiser, who was soon replaced by Brown. The group also changed its name to Stone Roses. The line-up was also complemented by bassist Peter Garner (replaced by Gary “Mani” Mounfield in 1987), guitarist Andy Couzens and drummer Alan Wren.
At first, the band’s sound oscillated around goth/punk and had a lot in common with bands such as Joy Division or Magazine, which could be heard on the single “So Young” / “Tell Me”.

In 1986, the band left Couzens. A year later Mani took the place of the bass player. The group recorded the psychedelic single “Elephant Stone”. Soon they released together with Jive and Zomba the album at Silverstone Records.

They released their debut album “The Stone Roses” in 1989 – it turned out to be a breakthrough in the group’s history and a great success. In 1999, they won four NME awards – they won in the categories: a band of the year, the best new group, a single of the year (“Fool’s Gold” – reached number eight on the charts) and album of the year.

In 1990 they performed at the famous concert on Spike Island today in front of 27,000 people. Later they gave another big concert – this time in Glasgow Green. In July they recorded their last single for the Silverstone label “One Love”, which reached number four on the lists.

The group decided to discount their success by signing a contract with a large label, but their publisher Silverstone did not want to release them from the contract, which brought the parties to a long fight in court. The case was only successfully resolved in 1991. Following these events, they finally signed a contract with Geffen Records.

They started working on the new material only in 1993. They recorded the album at Rockwell studio, working for 347 days ten hours a day. Finally in 1994 they released their second album entitled “Secondo Coming”. The disc was filled with strong, blues rock music, composed mainly by Squire. It was promoted by the single “Love Spreads”, reaching second place on the charts.

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