Toto – Rosanna


The band Toto was formed in 1978 in Los Angeles on the initiative of keyboardist and vocalist David Paich, guitarist and vocalist Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro, Bobby Kimball, David Hungate and Jeff Parcaro.
Toto, their debut album, also titled “Toto”, was released in October 1978. The album quickly hit the top ten charts and sold over two million copies. Also the single “Hold the Line” from it stayed at the top of the charts for a long time. The next longplays of the group “Hydra” (1979) and “Turn Back” (1981) aroused considerable interest, but only the album “Toto IV” became a multipalty one. It was promoted by such mega-hits as “Africa”, “Rosanna” (a song about Rosanna Arquette, Lukather’s girlfriend at the time) and “I Won’t Hold You Back”. Thanks to this album, in 1982 the band Toto received as many as 6 Grammy Awards, including the best song, the album of the year.
In 1984, the third Porcaro brother, Mike, joined the group, while Bobby Kimball’s vocalist was replaced by Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen, who was soon replaced by Joseph Williams. At that time, the group released another album, but despite considerable sales, the album turned out to be a failure. Steve Porcaro left Toto over the next few years and Jean-Michel Byron joined the roster in 1990. In 1992, Jeff Porcaro died of a heart attack. The group recorded more albums, but they passed unnoticed, especially in their native States. Toto were more popular in Europe and Japan than in their homeland.

In 1999, after 15 years of absence, Bobby Kimball returned to the band. In his career, Toto has released as many as 15 albums, all of its members also recorded with other artists and dealt with their own projects. They are one of the most respected session musicians in the history of light music.

In 2003, the formation celebrated the 25th anniversary of its artistic debut. To celebrate such an important anniversary, the band decided to do something they had never done before – they recorded a CD with songs created by their favorite authors and friends. The album “Through The Looking Glass” was released on October 14, 2002 and included covers of songs from the repertoire of, among others: Bob Marley, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and The Animals.

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