AC/DC – Thunderstruck

AC/DC: Thunderstruck by Legends

Rock ‘n roll has seen many icons, but few have held onto the very essence of the genre like the Australian hard-rock band, AC/DC. With their electrifying guitar riffs, unmistakable vocals, and legendary performances, AC/DC has carved a legacy that resonates across generations.

The Current that Lit Up Rock

The story behind the name AC/DC is as electrifying as their music. Malcolm and Angus Young, the brothers behind the band, were inspired by a term used on an electrical appliance. “AC/DC” refers to alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), the two types of electric power transmission. Their sister, Margaret Young, noticed the term on their sewing machine and felt it symbolized the band’s raw energy and power-packed performances. The moniker also gave a nod to their electric performances and became a metaphor for their dual musicality – raw and energetic, yet precise and directed.

The Schoolboy Who Rocked

While the band’s music is central to their legacy, the unique stage persona of Angus Young has become synonymous with the AC/DC experience. Donning a schoolboy outfit – a private school uniform complete with a cap, jacket, and shorts – Angus Young’s image became one of the most recognizable in rock history.

But why a schoolboy uniform? The story goes that Angus was in a rush to get to a gig directly from school, and without time to change, he went on stage in his school uniform. This unplanned move struck a chord with fans, becoming a symbol of youthful rebellion and raw energy. It soon became his signature look, symbolizing the unbridled passion and child-like enthusiasm that rock ‘n roll encapsulates.

Struck by Thunder

“Thunderstruck,” one of AC/DC’s greatest hits from their 1990 album ‘The Razors Edge,’ exemplifies the band’s sonic brilliance. The song kicks off with an unforgettable and blistering guitar riff by Angus, followed by Brian Johnson’s gritty vocals narrating an electrifying tale of being “struck” by a powerful force, akin to thunder.

Many speculate that “Thunderstruck” was inspired by a real-life incident when the band’s plane was struck by lightning en route to a gig. Whether this tale holds true or not, the song captures the essence of AC/DC: a force of nature, uncontrollable and undeniably powerful.


To encapsulate the journey of AC/DC in a single blog post is challenging. Their music, persona, and stories form an integral part of rock history. From their electric name to the schoolboy that never grew up and the thunder that strikes the soul, AC/DC has immortalized itself as a testament to the enduring spirit of rock ‘n roll. Rock on!

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