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Over the years and throughout the history of music, it can be said without a doubt that very few artists have been able to achieve, leaving their mark in the music industry. When it comes to the field of classic rock, Eric Johnson, widely known because of his electric guitar skills, is, without a doubt, one of them. He is considered to be one of the most significant guitar players on our planet.

Eric Johnson, born on August 17, 1954, is a well known Texas guitarist, but also vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. His talent developed at an early age since he was in a musically inclined family. His father, especially, was a singing enthusiast.

At the young age of 11, Johnson took up the guitar and progressed rapidly. At the same time, his first professional experience came a few years later as a member of a psychedelic rock band under the name Mariani at just 15 years of age. Then, in 1974, he joined a local rock group called Electromagnets. Unfortunately, the group did not attract the attention they wanted from big music record industries, and as a result, they disbanded in 1977.

After the Electromagnets’ downfall, Jonson created a music trio, under the name “Eric Johnson group.” Members of it were bassist Kyle Brock and drummer Bill Maddox. From 1976–1978, he recorded his debut album, Seven Worlds, which, however, would not be released until 1998 due to contract disputes that followed.

Johnson got his breakthrough after been signed with Warner Bros Records, which resulted in the beginning of his successful career as a solo artist. In 1986, he released his second album, Tones, which was followed by numerous records such as Venus Isle, Seven Worlds, EJ and Collage.

He has also been awarded numerous times the Grammy Award due to his exceptional instrumental skills.

Only Eric Johnson could make an unplugged electric guitar sound so good 😉

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