Symphony X – Set The World On Fire

Progressive metal group, originating in the United States. Established in 1994 on the initiative of Michael Romeo, joined by: Thomas Miller (bass), Jason Bullo (drums), Rod Tyler (singing) and Michael Pinella (keyboards).
The beginnings of the group go back to the demo tape “The Dark Chapter” (1994), which Romeo recorded together with Pinella. After forming the full line-up, the band registered their debut album “Symphony X”, released in the same year in Japan. Half a year later, with the new vocalist – Russell Allen – Symphony X recorded another album, entitled “The Damnation Game” (1995). This production was much better realized, and thanks to Allen the musicians created material shaping the style of the group.
The third Symphony X album – released in 1997 “The Divine Wings of Tragedy” got a wider response in the metal environment. The album features characteristic for the group, long – progressive and epic compositions and sharper songs containing symphonic elements. In 1998, the album “Twilight in Olympus” hit the stores, and the group set off on their first world tour. In the meantime, there were several personnel changes in the band: Michael Lepond appeared in the place of bass player Thomas Miller. Drummer Jason Rullo also left the group for a short time.

In 2000, the concept album “V: The New Mythology Suite” appeared on the market – devoted to the myth of Atlantis. A year later, fans received the concert album “Live on the Edge of Forever”, recorded in Paris, during the band’s European tour. “The Odyssey” – the album with references to Homer’s “Odyssey” was released in 2002. In the following years, Symphony X’s activity slightly weakened, which was influenced by solo projects to which the band’s musicians – Michael Pinnell devoted themselves (the album Enter by the Twelfth Gate ”) and Russell Allen (joint project with Jorn Lande).

In 2005 Symphony X together with Megadeth, Anthrax, Nevermore and Dream Theater played a series of concerts during the first edition of the Gigantour tour, produced by Dave Mustaine. The group’s latest studio production – based on John Milton’s novel “Paradise Lost” – the concept album “Paradise Lost” hit store shelves in 2007.

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